No Soap in Le Lapin’s Body Care Ranges

Cleansing and looking after our skin and hair is an important aspect of our overall health, but contrary to popular belief, skin and hair don’t need foamy cleansers or soaps to be clean. In fact, the detergents in everyday cleaning products cause devastating damage by stripping away the natural oil (sebum) that protects our hair and skin naturally.

Skin Conditions vs. Skin Types

Surprising at it seems, countless people go through life believing their skin just fundamentally has a problem, instead of stopping to wonder if it might be the products they’re using. Instead of just slathering on some moisturiser when skin is flaky or using a cleanser or scrub when skin is oily, we need to treat the cause.

The Definitive Guide To Natural Shampoo

Our scalp naturally produces its own oil, called sebum, to lubricate our hair. Over time, sebum can begin to build-up and accumulate gunk, which is why we wash our hair. What we use to wash our usually contains an array of unhealthy ingredients, which is why we take a deep-dive into natural shampooing.