The beauty in nature is uncompromising, full of colour, scents, sounds, and textures.
All we need to care for and nurture our bodies can be found right there, in nature.

Inspired by nature, Le Lapin maintains a steadfast commitment to clean, natural, and concentrated formulations.

Produced in small batches right here in Australia, we use nature’s most exquisite ingredients.

Made with genuine respect for the environment, we are cruelty free and vegan, and a sustainable approach extends to every aspect of our undertakings.

With a background in health and wellness retail, our founder is passionate about nutrition, fitness, and the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.

We create fine quality, wholesome body care that nurtures your skin and hair, providing results you can see and feel.

We believe radiant complexions and beautiful hair should be achievable without harming our planet or our bodies.

How do you say Le Lapin?

Le Lapin, meaning ‘the rabbit’ in French, is a nod to our founder’s pet name and childhood love.

The most beautiful skin is healthy skin