Discover how you can return empty bottles and jars so we can sanitise and refill them!

We have huge respect for the environment at Le Lapin. We take great care in reducing our environmental impact as much as we possibly can, but the pinch point is always packaging.

At Le Lapin, we know that we, as producers of a product, are responsible for the packaging. That’s why we chose aluminium for our containers and why we offer our own recycling programme.

You can return any of our primary packaging (bottles, tubs, jars), as well as dispensers (pumps, sprayers, droppers). If it came from us, we can take it back!

Do your part today. Participating is easy and completely free.
How does our recycling programme work?
Step 1

Once your Le Lapin product is empty, pack it up and request a return label.

Step 2

March Hare Society members receive 5% of each product’s RRP in credit.

Step 3

Do it again!

  • Please ensure all containers are completely empty and clean.
  • If you’re replacing your empty with a new refill, switch the dispenser over to your new bottle, cap the old bottle, and return them together.
  • If you no longer have need for the dispensers from your Le Lapin products, please return them with the bottles.
  • Please pack lightly!
  • Return two or more empties at a time to help reduce our carbon footprint.
  • For that little bit extra, if you received your Le Lapin products in the mail, hold onto the box your products came in so you can use them to return your empties! This gives you the added advantage of not needing to find appropriate packaging when it comes time to return your containers.
  • When using Le Lapin products, please try to prevent damage to containers as much as possible to help us keep them at their best for the longest possible time.

What You Get In Return

By returning your containers to Le Lapin, you’ll know you’re doing something good for the environment. But we all like to be rewarded for our efforts.

March Hare Society members will receive 5% of the RRP in credit for each container returned as a thank you for helping us do our part for the planet.

Recycling Programme FAQ