Meet our resident bunny: founder, formulator, and ardent lover of the natural world.

Le Lapin was first conceived as little more than an idea for a natural hair cleanser, way back in 2014. At the time, I found myself wanting to get away from conventional shampoos that stripped and destroyed the natural balance of my hair and scalp, but was unable to find anything suitable.

So instead I began with a simple apple cider vinegar wash that slowly transformed into what is now my Hare Hair Growth 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner.

Going from an ACV wash to a formulated natural hair cleanser was a long, intuitive process, and somewhere along the way I also began experimenting with formulating my own skincare, which is when the first proper ideas for Le Lapin began to form.

Coming from a family that has always prioritised a simplistic approach to health, I wanted my brand to reflect that. I wanted to offer products that were easy and simplified the way we treat our skin and hair. Instead of products with complicated names for detergents and petrochemicals, I wanted to get back to basics.

And so Le Lapin was born of a desire to find clean and natural beauty products that were effective, sustainable, plant-based, synthetic free, refillable, and, perhaps most importantly, single-use plastic free. A difficult bill to fill, but certainly not impossible.

Growing up in the country, I was instilled with a deep love for nature from a young age, so right from the very beginning, approaching sustainability and waste was a top priority for me. The last thing I wanted was to be yet another brand contributing to the uglier aspects of the cosmetic industry.

A gardener at heart, with a passion for regeneration and revegetation of our native land, giving back to our precious natural world is as deeply ingrained in Le Lapin as it is in me. As a purpose driven natural and botanical brand, it’s my belief that we should champion the cause for the environment and make a positive impact on the world, in order to protect and restore our beautiful planet, and as gratitude for the wonderful resources it provides us.

To date, I have personally put over 400 native plants into the ground on my private property, with more going in every year.

The magnificence of Australia has served as a palette for the brand, with each of the colours used inspired by the natural splendour of this sunburnt country. There’s the orange desert sand of the logo and the night sky blues. Cottontail uses the colour of pink salt lakes, Jackrabbit the green of eucalyptus leaves. For Hare, it’s the aqua of tropical waters, for Rabbit the beige grasslands, whilst Almiraj draws inspiration from the array of yellow flowers native to Australia.

The unending beauty of our natural world is my perfect muse and will never cease to be as much. There is simply no greater joy than knowing and trusting to the purity of nature.

Returning to an uncomplicated, natural approach to self-care reminds us to make mindful choices, which not only liberates us from harmful products and practices, but also treats our skin and hair with the nutrition they need, in much the same way as a healthy diet does for our bodies.