Le Lapin has been awarded Sustainable Beauty Brand of the Year, taking home Gold in the aluminium category of the 2023 THINK CLEAN Beauty Award for sustainable and ethical manufacturing!

This particular award means so much to us, as it recognises the hard work we put into not only the products themselves, but also the packaging and all the other aspects behind running a business.

THINK CLEAN™ Beauty Award 2023
Gold: Aluminium

Sustainable Beauty Brand Of 2023

These awards are judged on how sustainable your brand is, we also consider the charity work / eco-projects that brands donate to, down to how the products are shipped ie. no plastic wrap or tape, even the product labels are considered, using paper labels with black ink only is the most sustainable option which set your brand apart from the rest. Winning the aluminium category is the most sustainable brand out of all products as aluminium is ideal.

— Amina Kitching, Founder & Editor of Organic Beauty Award

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